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The current socio-economic structure of our countries and our world has failed us all. Everyday we are witness to untold assaults on our people and our planet as the criminals that have taken control, wage their wars of global domination and industrial aggregation in a blind greed, that is destroying us and the exquisite planet we, and countless others, rely on for life.

We will no longer sit idly by watching the destruction of our countries, our towns and human potential, by the greed of corporate entities who control our governments for their profit. We rise knowing that the assault on our liberties and future prosperity will end with our ability to take action. We, the people, are uniting and creating a new way…a new system…a future filled with hope & beauty for ourselves and our children.

We are creating a totally new system that turns competition into collaboration…a new social structure where we all benefit from our collective efforts and individual talents… a new world where people are put before profits, and the resources and materials are used to enrich all our lives. This is the philosophy of UBUNTU… of Contributionism.

Every single one of us is born with valuable and unique gifts and talents that could be used to improve the lives of everyone around them, but instead these gifts are wasted in mundane week-long positions of servitude making profits for those wealthier than ourselves. Everything you see around you, from the cars to the crayons, started in the mind of a human; it was all designed, built, wrapped and delivered by humans or human-created machines. Your cosmetics, your smart phone, the jewelry you wear, your flatscreen, your entire home, all created by people for people. So why do so many have so little?

To understand UBUNTU we must first have a clear and open mind, erasing any preconceived notions of past systems that have failed us and releasing our beliefs that the current money-based system we live in is the only viable option. There is another way! Not only does it work in bringing abundance for all and resolving our many social and ecological problems, but it is also the only solution that leaves absolutely no opportunity for corruption

It takes time and deep reflection to recognize how truly insane the current system is, but once the penny drops that insanity becomes crystal clear – We are all trapped in a lifelong cycles, using most of the hours of our lives to create goods and services to earn money, to then buy back those very goods and services that we made and paid for with those precious hours of our lives. We are losing our lives to enrich a system that is destroying our planet and us. When instead, we could be working together to create towns, cities, countries and lives overflowing with abundance, food, arts, music, sports, technology, health, leisure and infinite variety.

The people are the gifts, the people are the power, the genius, the brilliance, and the vision that has created everything we see around us. We are told all the problems facing us are inevitable, that war, hunger and poverty are symptoms of the human condition and we need governments to protect us from ourselves. As many of us now realize, this is simply a lie to disempower us! ALL the decay, hunger, fear, and lack surrounding us are the direct results of the parasites profiteering off of us, which includes the governments we are told are there to serve us.

But there is another way; UBUNTU thrives because all our resources and materials are used to support the people, who in turn then support their own towns and communities by creating materials, products and services, which enrich the lives of everybody. Within UBUNTU everyone is an integral part of his or her community. Everyone contributes something, and everyone feels needed. Instead of shelves stocked with food while people starve, instead of warehouses brimming with shiny products that few can afford, we create supermarkets and warehouses full of products with no price label, and all anyone need do to access this bounty is to have made their weekly contribution to their own communities..

Money is the middle man that hinders & blocks progress & growth – we have the factories, industries, distribution systems, skills, talent & man-power to create all we need & more… we do not need money!


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Well this doesn’t happen overnight; we need to create a huge shift in consciousness to awaken people to this new, far superior path. The journey there happens in stages…first we lead by example with one small town…

The first stage of the 'One Small Town' initiative is to create food and income generating projects within a community, all run by the power of the community members. Where applicable, we make three times what we need, the surplus is then sold to neighboring towns and beyond, easily undercutting corporations as we have no labor or import costs. In the beginning stages these funds are funneled back into more produce and income generating projects, until eventually the town is self-sustaining & generating a sizable income through external sales. This money is then split between the further advancement of the town, the business owners and the community members themselves. The members of the community are rewarded for their efforts with free products and services, and an ever-growing income as more and more money generating projects are formed.

We provide free labs for scientists, free equipment for engineers, free materials for inventors, anything needed to support diversity and growth. Talented and skilled people will flock to a town where they are respected and fully supported in following their passion, be they an architect, teacher, doctor, professor, artist, musician, baker or candlestick maker; and this new surge of talent spawns the next wave of leisure and pleasure creating goods and services as well as more products and produce to sell. Eventually, the town members will be able to leave their current employment and, over time, they will have little need for money as the town itself produces all it needs or imports other essentials from similar communities around the world. So, in an ironic twist of fate, we will use money to end the capitalist system that we are all currently servants under.

We are also currently seeking candidates for our UBUNTU Core Teams. If you feel inspired, please reach out to us today!


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Imagine for a moment that you heard a town near you had adopted a new system that promised liberation and abundance to ALL its inhabitants. Imagine if, over the next 2 years, you watched as their parks were beautified, public amenities drastically improved and new ones built, free cafes and restaurants spring up, free healthcare, free dentist, free electricity, peoples homes repaired for free, free education, free gyms, free food, free theatre, free comedy shows, as well as free art and crafts. You witness as the inhabitants leave their jobs while industries within their town creates enough income to support them during the initial transition. In addition, you see family and friends with days of free time to follow their passions and hobbies. A town overflowing from the combined efforts of all who live there…


Now imagine that, as neighborhoods witness this potential, many similar towns spring up all over the world; you hear that as long as you come from an UBUNTU community, you will automatically be able to visit and join any other UBUNTU community around the world and access their free warehouses and services by contributing to their community….


A movement based on the support and love of all people, a system of absolute equality and total inclusion, where all are needed and feel needed, young and old. Where everyone is housed, fed, clothed and supported. Where expression & individuality is applauded and all skills and talents nurtured. Here you can open any business you dream of; shop, gallery, therapy center, sports facility, educational center, or whatever your heart desires - if it provides for others, you will be provided the support to create it. A world where, instead of profit, expression and joy is the priority of all our lives.


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