Django Web Developers Needed

The UBUNTU support team is looking for qualified individuals seeking to contribute time developing a new support system using the Django Web Framework.

django web developers


The Global Support Team has just released the first version of the new web application designed and written using the powerful and flexible Django web framework. The new website includes functionality for web applications designed to meet UBUNTU's growing needs.

We are seeking contributors interested in the design, build, and testing of new and future enhancements to the current and future web application projects used to take UBUNTU to the next level.

Time Commitment

Initially, we need contributors capable of dedicating 10-15 hours per week. If you're only able to contribute less than 10 hours, please still reach out. As more contributors step forward, we can lighten the load as we work together.  

Skill Requirements

We have a formal development project started with source control and code repositories. Contributors interested in responding to this request should have the following technical skills and qualifications:

 - Django web framework version 1.8 and above (current version is 1.10)
 - Python programming language
- Comfortable using git repositories for source control

It's also helpful if you're comfortable changing HTML5/CSS/Bootstrap templates but not required.